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Birds, Pocket Pets and Exotic Animals

We welcome pets of all varieties and offer various procedures to keep your exotic animal healthy and happy.

Veterinarian holding a guinea pig
Veterinarian holding a guinea pig


West Village Veterinary Hospital is here to provide excellent care to all kinds of pets, from reptiles to small mammals. Whether you need to bring in your exotic or pocket pet in for a general wellness check or a more specialized procedure, our team is here to help.

Pets we serve:

  • Birds

  • Rabbits

  • Guinea pigs

  • Ferrets

  • Hamsters

  • Rats & mice

  • Hedgehogs

  • Chinchillas

  • Turtles

  • Frogs & toads

  • Snakes

  • Lizards

  • & more!


We offer a full range of procedures available to our exotic and pocket pet patients. We recommend yearly wellness checks with our exotic veterinarians in order to make sure your pet is healthy and happy. We can offer advice on nutrition, care requirements, and any other questions you have. If your pet is suffering from an injury or illness our team has the capacity to provide compassionate and expert care from diagnosis to treatment. Our exotic specialists are trained in caring for small animals of all kinds. We are committed to providing comprehensive care to every patient that comes into our hospital!